The Pinup Artwork Of Baron Von Lind

Lately, I been having this incredible urge to draw or sketch just about anything! So, I recently purchased a box of Crayons from the Family Dollar store, a few blocks away from my house, a few days ago, in case, I started to draw, TODAY and let me say this, “YES!”, I would actually like to color, whatever it is I decide to draw, when I do, just like a kid! With that said, having been trained in Graphic Design, FORMALLY, through college, I decided to look for some inspiration, while browsing the internet and checking my Instagram, when I happen to come across the pinup artwork of Baron Von Lind, using Google’s search engine, their image feature. I was so impressed by this man’s artwork, I decided to do a Wikipedia search on him as well. Reading his biography, I found out he was born in 1937, him and is artwork was immensely popular and he was often commissioned to do paintings featuring several celebrities. In addition to that, he also has a published book, featuring some of his artwork, titled, ” The Art of Baron Von Lind”, that’s still available for purchasing, TODAY! Consequently, after reading all of that and viewing several pieces of his artwork, I decided to pick HIM, Baron Von Lind, as the first artist in the Grabbag Graphics, Inspiration section, because, he DEFINITELY inspired me and my creative juices after seeing some of his fabulous artwork. Check it out, below is some samples of his artwork. Let me know what you guys think, leave a comment!